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Yikes, I can’t even believe the same person who shot that image of the teenage girl also shot those others! The shot of Kendall is sharp, nicely edited, and exposed pretty well (I would have maybe added a tiny bit of fill light in post, but that’s me). The others are just bad. The black and white of the baby’s face close up is not horrible, even with lacking some definition, if all the photos of that baby weren’t like that. Parents usually love to have one shot of the face close-up like that. It’s totally in focus.


Here’s a completely random page I found when searching “fauxtography” in the FB search bar… a bunch of “photography” businesses call themselves that… wtf? This one is pretty fauxtographer-ish though she too seems to have a couple stronger images. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heartfelt-Faux-tog-raphy/107876959296132?ref=ts&fref=ts