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I’m glad you wen through with it, capuchink, i  know a lot of people talk but no action on these things. and because i (and others) do not personally know these people, it isn’t like we can keep track of them by just looking at our facebook feed. I do not know any sites for dos and don’ts on newborn photography, but i suggest looking up basic sites about taking care of newborns. I mean, if you took that picture to a pediatrician they could tell you immediately what is wrong with it. In fact, you could suggest to that photographer to get tips from a pediatrician on handling new borns and what they would consider safe situations in a studio. (or ask one yourself through email and use that email as documentation in case you see the faux endangering babies).

I’m not suggesting you stalk the person (reading back on that paragraph makes it sound that way), i just mean this in case you are scrolling through facebook one day and notice that this guy hasn’t cleaned up his act. And yeah, i don’t know what parents (or other people, this picture had “likes”!) would ever let their baby be put in this situation.