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My new fauxtog of the day, Grissom Photography.  Blair has had a FB Photo page for about 2+ years now.  She has improved some, and occasionally has some nice shots, but seems to get a lot more shots wrong than right.  I think she is more of a “natural light” photographer, and many of her shots suffer from horrible lighting situations more than anything else.


I will start off by posting a good shot she took.  Kendall is a pretty girl, and this shows that Blair can actually get a good shot:


Here is a shot from Christmas.  Some she got alright, but this one definitely needs some fill light:


This baby looks like an alien because there is no definition to its face whatsoever:


I can’t tell anything about this kids face at all because it is SO blown out:


Who wants to see the baby in focus when we can just have his ill lit foot in focus instead:


Much like the one from the other day, this shot is shaky and totally out of focus.  She needs to really practice on shooting babies up close:


Light coming through the tree and blasting his face, and the tree branch is obscuring part of his face:


Photographs in the middle of the day in no shade do not usually make for great photos, as this shot proves: