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Thank you FauxFighters. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I’m aware I’m not an award-winning photographer, but I believe I know what I’m doing nad my work, at least the vast majority of it, illustrates it. I also take constructive criticism and use it to improve. I have not been shooting much at all this winter, since it’s been very cold up here and the market just slows a bit unless you do babies in a studio or do lots of weddings. I’ve been taking this time to study these threads and contribute, do some additional research about different equipment, share tips with other photogs I know, and look at my own work and find ways to improve. My plan is to increase my client base and improve my work this year.

Of course I’ve taken images that weren’t the greatest when I was just starting out. But I CAN tell you I have NEVER taken a photo as poor as what some of these people here are consistently taking and charging for, unless you count snapshots of my pets from when I was 10.

The people we ridicule here are very obviously the type who think owning a camera should allow them to just start a business.