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Ditto, Seth. Her name is similar and the grammar is just as bad.


Msbitch2468, if you’re not Monkeying Around, who are you and what are examples of your work. You say you’re not her, but you’ve shown nothing that says you’re not.


As for me, I’m not a pro, but better than a run of the mill amateur or a Faux. Photography is a second job. I mainly shoot nature. I’ve had my stuff critiqued by pros (one in Ohio and four here in Georgia). One of the Georgia ones is taking me on a 12 hour wedding and reception training session tomorrow, unpaid for me in cash, though I will get knowledge. It’s in response to a critique she did last weekend. So, though better than an amateur, I still have work on low light and am getting a pro to help. That’s what you do if you want to grow and don’t want to be a Faux.