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I don’t normally chime in on these conversations because I find it rediculous how so many photographers seem to forget where they came from.  No one picked up a camera and became a professional over night, we were all once the “underdog” and I am sure we all have terrible images from when we first started that are hidden somewhere forbidden to be shown to anyone.  Like I said I don’t typically chime in on these, but “browneyedgirl89”  I saw all of the post that you were posting and I decided to take a look at your work, from everything that you had stated I imagined you would be this amazing photographer who took breathtaking photos… I found it funny when I went to your page and saw just ordinary photos taken by some one who had maybe been doing photography for a couple years… still having some things to learn, yet you are in here knocking people.  I know that this is the purpose for this site, but like I said, let us not forget where we came from and the images we once took.