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I think Sweet Monkeying Around would have disappeared a long time ago if not for the whole “I’m a lawyer” visit.  I honestly pity her.  It seems like she has some mental issues or a learning disability, or maybe just did not get any education.  Either way, I’m tired of beating that dead horse.  Magpie is more awful to me, as she passes the sniff test for a actual “fauxtog” that might fool somebody into purchasing her services.

I could not find a search feature to check if this one has already been done, but I am hoping it hasn’t.  This one is a bonafide fauxtographer.  It even says so in the name of her business:

Heartfelt Faux-tog-raphy


She has it all folks.  Tons of props.  Shitty soft photos.  “On location, natural light photographer!” AKA I don’t have a studio space or even a fucking flash.  Lots of props though.  Plenty of shots that still blown out, have white balance issues, etc.  Also making guest appearances are the always appreciated white vignetting, wrinkled backdrops, selective coloring, etc.  Special guests include lots of “Photographer Posts” that she has liked and shared on her page.  Something you don’t often see though are photos of her photos, taken with her smartphone or SLR while they are being displayed on her desktop monitor in the editing softwware.  This has to be one of the worst ways to share a photo, as the image quality is further degraded, making it appear at about the worst level imaginable.  So, let’s roll that beautiful bean footage:


An example of the shot I was talking about.  Bonus points if she leaves her watermark on some of the photos in the middle of the collage!


Love that this one was done on the railroad tracks, but the typical ways that you use railroad tracks as a leading line are totally ignored.  Instead she did this from the standing or slightly crouched position, with the subject being out of focus and blown out.  Wonder if the photo had to be done in black & white because of white balance/light issues?


Another shot of her monitor.  Really?!?  Why not just post the damn picture itself.


At least we can tell from this shot that she is shooting with a Nikon D3100.  Hell I have a D40.  It was my first camera.  But I wasn’t charging people or had a photography “business” site.  I still don’t in fact.


This poor child looks like they died.  And the shot is extremely soft as well.


Selfies in the drivers side mirror!