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ex fauxtog fan

I confess to having regularly checked out YANAP to indulge in a quiet bit of schadenfreude.  I am not a pro, nor will I ever be but I think I have taught myself enough about photography to appreciate the true dreadfulness of some of these pictures, both in conception and execution.  After a delightful moment of “what were they thinking!!?” I’d get back to my life.

Today I idly checked out the forum.  While I have every sympathy for the professional photographer undercut by a chancer with (at best)  “all the gear and no idea”, I can’t reconcile myself to the vicious feeding frenzy that I find here.   Administering a verbal lynching to  desperate targets does nobody any credit and I am confident that no decent professional photographer would even consider wasting his or her time to do so.

The likes of Monkeying Around is never going to be of consequence to a professional and IMHO, should be left to the obscurity from whence she came.  Even if she was foolish enough to raise her head above the parapet, we all know the chances of a real customer (never mind lawyer) are slim.   Surely the effort would be much better spent rooting out those individuals actually capable of conning the unsuspecting into hiring a fauxtographer?  I’d rather see serious plagiarisers and cowboys brought to light, not the shameless bolstering of self esteem by the denigration of those who are no threat to anyone.

I can no longer see this web site as an innocent pleasure – frankly, I feel rather ashamed of myself.