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Portraits by Tami has a handful of quite good images, and then a handful of pretty awful images. She’s across the board. Maybe the bad stuff is older? I would definitely delete photos I didn’t feel represented my skill.

I’m itching to delete a few myself from my first wedding I photographed. Though I don’t think they were completely awful, I did, um, shoot them with the Rebel and two kit lenses, and I am 10x better now than I was then. But they’re way back in my portfolio, and I like to keep them because it shows my progression. The bride was a co-worker who asked me to shoot her wedding. They were on a very tight budget due to some medical bills and she liked my other photography. She knew beforehand that I never shot a wedding before and didn’t have a ton of experience in photography. That was before I ever started advertising myself as a pro photographer. I did lots of online research about wedding photography beforehand to try to prepare myself but it was still pretty scary.