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@msbitch2468 it was a screenshot posted by Monkeying Around Sweet Photography of someone who stole their photo by cropping it to conceal the watermark. The profile was clearly fake, because the caption (which said something about them having taken this photo that day) was written in the same incomprehensible language as anything ever written by Monkeying Around Photography. Also it was taken about a minute after the “photo thief” had posted their photo, so it is clear that this was set up.
To sum things up, I said “lol this” because:
– Monkeying Around Sweet Photography went to a great extent to make themselves look like a victim of something they were guilty of earlier
– The poor grammar and incoherent flow of ideas in the thief’s caption could only have been written by one person…
– The owner of Monkeying Around Sweet Photography tried to impersonate a lawyer, and now a thief
– No thief would would want to steal that blurry rose photo with gaussian-blurred edges https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=502382226513267&set=pb.483534371731386.-2207520000.1380084562.&type=3&theater

Also, who’s this “bitch 2” you’re referring to? I don’t think her age matters when it comes to looking at a photo or situation critically and judging whether it’s good or bad, and deciding, for example whether it’s appropriate to charge someone for a certain kind of work, or whether impersonating lawyers and thieves is a good idea. But if you are referring to me, I’m 21, and I’ve been coming to this website for the past year to learn what not to do. I often submit my work to online forms for critique so I can continue learning and improving. I have two camera bodies, four lenses, a studio with proper lighting equipment, and until I feel like until I know exactly what I’m doing, I will not be charging anyone for my work.