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thank you for all of the input. I will send the photographer a message from my alternate Facebook account. It’s tricky as it’s a close friends’ good friend.  It’s easy as a photographer (hobby, not professional) to come across as arrogant and a ‘know it all’ when commenting on these situations. A professional friend of mine had posted a blog about how she turns away business  and not because she likes to – but because it is the right thing to do. She has no business taking photos of newborns and babies just because it is is offered, when it is not where she has her focus on her business  Not to say she couldn’t do it, but she would rather leave it up to the professional newborn photographers who are trained and skilled in these situations.

Any good resources on newborn photography ‘do’s and don’ts’ to send to this guy?

I definitely wonder why a parent would allow this.  I have a hard time understanding the concept of the photo. It’s just all around wrong and horrible looking.