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@ CameraClicker – you bring up an interesting topic, about face facebook likes and Yelp reviews and such.
I see that there are businesses out there, for a fee, will generate “Likes” for your page. I am ?? How is that 1) legal and 2) ethical.
I see some of these “fauxtog” pages that have several hundred or even over a thousand “Likes” and wondered how can that many people like that crap? Puzzling to me, but that was before I saw the companies that will do the “Liking” for you.

@ Seth – I think you are getting me mixed up with the juicyboo/coomommy Bill. I did write the post that said “Love me or I will shut you up, but I’m not sure if you got the meaning of why I said it. That’s okay, the context is sometimes hard to convey on a post like this.

This Bill has a swirly image next to my name. I am not a Lawyer, I am not a doctor, but I play one from time to time. I am a photographer and a critic and not related to juicyboo/coomommy12 or whatever other names that Fake non-spelling person uses.