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@joehomeowner — Sweet!  You work in a law office LOL I have a question for you.

So earlier this year my friend had a dispute with her now ex-partner over them going their separate ways (photography).  Said ex partner, after becoming an ex, decided she was going to threaten my friend with a lawsuit and all this (even though she didn’t have any case really) and basically try to steal a wedding from her that she was shooting… THE NEXT DAY.  She sent my friend a letter from her lawyer only it came from her own email address.  ie no postal mail, not even emailed from the lawyer himself.  Then went on about how you’ve received a letter from my lawyer so you have to agree with me and do what I say yada yada yada.  WELL my friend called the lawyer because she was just like WTF dude, it’s not even from him – to verify and see if he was even involved.  Turned out he was but he had sent the ex-partner a draft of a letter for her to go over to be sent to my friend and the ex then sent it to my friend herself directly.  She said the lawyer was sounding kinda wary to talk to her at all but sounded like he was NOT happy with the ex-partner.  My friend let it drop though because she knew the ex didn’t have any case and she just wanted this woman to go away but my question is…  how illegal is that?  The ex was essentially impersonating him by sending the “letter.”  Is the lawyer liable for anything at all?  He apparently got on the phone right away to the ex, I wish I knew what he said to her!  I, and others, encouraged my friend to pursue it but she just wanted it to be over.  I always wondered what the ramification could have been.