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I have also seen where you all have a Photography link with a picture of the owner’s Son who is a miner & owner would like if you please take it down. We have officers looking up where this page was founded & made. I have officer’s right now name Offiver Darron from Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Deptement looking at the page everyday. If I come back to see more stuff on Monkeying Around Sweet Photography. I will, be finding A Lawyer for you will be in lots of Trouble. Thank for the Time

And then …

I am a lawyer not a photographer.
Thanks for trying.

Well, wow!  So, the owner’s son is a miner?  That would mean the owner’s son is not a minor?  Or, does that mean the child protection laws are being violated by the owner, who is making the child work?  Perhaps the authorities should be alerted so they can look into the child’s status!

If there is a link, it is probably “to” a picture, rather than “with” a picture.  coolmommy12 needs to be told that a link is a pointer to an object and links do not infringe.  If the owner wants the photo removed, she should take it down and that should be something she can do since presumably she put it up in the first place.

coolmommy12 (Bill) has “officer’s right now name Offiver Darron”!  Does that mean tomorrow the officer will have a different name?

In the first post, Bill will be looking for a lawyer.  In the second post, Bill is a lawyer!  It’s amazing to me that Bill can get through a few years of law school, a couple of years of articling, then, writing and passing the bar exam, all in about 40 minutes!  Obviously there was no time to learn grammar, spelling or logic!

Based on the language in the posts, I doubt Bill is a lawyer and having visited the linked Facebook page, I am sure whomever is responsible for “Monkeying Around Sweet Photography” is not up to a standard I would consider necessary to be a good photographer.