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It’s the American Way!


Love me or I will find a way to shut you up until you do!!!
Got to love it.
I think if anything if I saw my photography on here, I would take a long hard look at it and see what people are truly saying about it and see what I could do to improve on it.  Yeah, I would be a little shammed in knowing that my name and business is listed as a “Fauxtog,” but like you said, I would rather it be here then on a Yelp Page.  On here, people are giving their unbiased opinions and true critiques, not just some “good Job” or “nice pic” from friends and family.

I reviewed a local burger place on Yelp that everyone around town said was just better then awesome.  I went and the burger was visually awesome, but tasted like something a neighbor could have made on a backyard grill.  I clearly stated on my review that I did not have their signature burger and that I was harder on burger and pizza joints then other types of businesses.  I did point out that the service was great, the burger was picturesque and besides the taste, it was just great.

But what good is a burger if it doesn’t taste good?  Same thing in photography.  If you have heart and passion, that is great, but if you lack the skills to execute that heart and passion, you need to learn them or try something else.  Simple as that!

By the way, the owner of that burger place [a chain that has several locations across the US] emailed me wanting me to come back and give them another try.  I stated that I “may” someday, but I have not been back since.