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I just want to laugh out loud at these people who want to sue us for exercising our 1st Amendment right of voicing our opinions on bad photography. A few months ago on a different area of this forum, I was talking bad about someone’s photography. Just a couple weeks ago, that person emailed me complaining that my review and this website was ranked #4 on a Google search for its area and threatened to sue me for slander (it’s actually libel) if I don’t get it removed. Just to avoid the threats and seeing that their work somewhat improved since the review (i.e. not worthy to land on the main page, but still not the greatest), I had the moderators remove the post. But God forbid what would happen if someone wrote a bad review on its Yelp page? Will that person threaten to sue as well?

Any “lawyer” on this forum who tries to shun people for voicing their 1st Amendment right by stating their opinions should be disbarred. I can’t speak for everyone, but when I make a unfavorable review, I am not out there to destroy your business. Your horrific photography will do that for you!

If my review only said “He/she person take horrible pictures and needs a lot of work”, that is my opinion and not grounds for a lawsuit. But if I said “That person takes horrible pictures and is a slut/womanizer” about a family photographer who I barely even know them personally, then yes, that person can sue me.