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Some tidbits from a fauxtog’s personal profile:

“You might not be aware, but photographers do SO much more then say “say cheese”. I know that you only spend an hour or two with your photographer, but when you go home they really have work to do. Editing, uploading, preparing prints…….AFTER the shoot there are still hours of work to be done. Pay your photographer what they are worth. They have skills that you do not and deserve to be compensated fairly for there time and knowledge.”

“Today I had to block a stranger from my business page for sending me rude, unsolicited comments and messages. I truly DO NOT understand people. Why would ANYONE do such a hateful thing to a stranger?! I could understand if she was a dissatisfied customer. But to track down and berate someone you have never met?  She emailed me offering “advice” which was actually really shitty and rude comments. After several incidents and a request from me to stop I finally had to block and report her. Just sad that some people feel the need to be so nasty to others.”