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Sooo….yeah here I am. The owner of The Digital Lightbox. The same guy who is apparently a faux?

Couple things first off.

1st I’m glad that I had to come to some random photography site in order to see this.

2nd if you don’t like my work that’s your business and yours alone. I have count less amount of people who like the work I do and who also keep hiring me. So with that being said. There will always be haters out there.

As for “Joehomeowner” Thanks for the lovely comments there buddy. I find it funny that of all the people I’ve ever photographed or people who’ve seen my work, you’re the only one who’s has ever said anything remotely like that. As for the shot of myself that wasn’t taken by me just to let you know. That was done by someone else at an event I was working at which there are literally hundreds of photos from and you choose call out the one I didn’t even take congrats there buddy! You win that award! But, I still love the photograph a lot myself but that’s my opinion. Honestly think what you want about what the few photos you posted. Which I noticed are only 3. 2 of which are of my daughter O.o which I did not edit at all. Maybe I should of thrown them in photoshop and doctored them all up to the point there was no longer a real image but some random CS6 crap? Maybe you might of liked it more. Any ways you apparently know how to contact me so I’ll leave it at that. I’d love to hear from you and find out who really are. As for my American Head Charge photos I’m not going to sit here and explain everything with that show that could of possibly gone wrong with lighting that did. No need to get into that one.


But with that being said. I’m just leave this here and walk away. I said what I’ve needed to say. Joehomeowner contact me I’d love to hear from you, you know how to get in touch with me.