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One of her new backgrounds for her upcoming studio. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=504124443005712&set=a.504124393005717.1073741891.483534371731386&type=1&theater

It looks like others have be criticizing, calling, and messaging her. (Calling at 1 am is too much in my opinion). She deleted comments from her page and continues to defend herself, saying an “offer” (officer) looked at her page and said nope, she didn’t use anyone else’s photos (even though she did, it was posted right on the photos who took it; I call BS) and an officer wouldn’t look at someone’s FB page anyway. She and her husband/boyfriend have some intellectual issues. He has a “business” as well for hauling away junk. The title is Mike’s Hael-A-Way. Yes, it’s that bad. I’m sad for their kid. I can hardly even make out what her paragraphs mean. But seriously who is booking her for sessions??? I’m going to guess that’s made-up too.

“Being a Photography is the Best thing that has Every happen to me. I can Capture every Bitter Sweet Memories.. To be a Part of Others Life’s to help give them the Gift of Memories to There Families, Friends, Etcs… I Love Doing what I do… As I always say If you don’t like it Dis Like my Page.. & Please don’t come back to my page.. I know there is people watching my page & I know your talking about my page. I am sorry that I am not as Great as you or Better.. But, I must be doing something right for you to watch my page.. So, Hello & Welcome to Monkeying Around Sweet Photography… Family tomorrow.. Can’t wait.. Book me for anything you want me to talk your Pictures. ask me Questions if you want to know something. don’t be shy..”