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^I agree, Angie has improved somewhat.  Her first shoots are straight up abysmal.  Her newer stuff has gotten better in terms of location and creativity.  She has some good ideas, but her technical side seems to be severely lacking.  She still has major issues with focus, white balance, and lighting.  The mom to be shots from the last shoot could be good, if she could actually get the camera focused on the subject.  The kids and the kissing booth prop is cute and funny.  But again we see she has the subject out of focus in more shots than in focus.  My thought would be she is shooting with a cheap kit lens at wide open with a slow shutter speed.

So yes I will agree she has improved, creatively at least.  She is getting a better eye for what is a good shot.  But she really needs to focus on learning her camera, or maybe just getting a better lens.  Technically she is still horrible and in that respect, I think she is still in fauxtographer mode.

HOLY CRAP.  I just realized something.  Check out this photo from Angie’s personal FB pages profile picture:


That is her.  She has several others that are mirror shots with that camera.  She is making all of these trashy photos with a Nikon D3!  I have shot MUCH better stuff with my first camera, a Nikon D40 and kit lens, then she has gotten with that D3.  WOW.