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Also… I sent Amie Elizabeth a tactful message explaining why people are bashing her work on that site. I offered advice if she wanted it. She replied with “you wrote a shit ton so I stopped reading and you are just wasting your breath.” Yup. Figured. They don’t want to hear it. After I replied again, she said she doesn’t even think she could ever make a living off of photography so she doesn’t have a goal do do it professionally, it’s just a hobby. YET SHE CHARGES AND ADVERTISES. I think something is wrong with her brain. I just looked at her page again, and she changed the info to add in all caps “This is not a professional photography site. But if I’m going to go out and take someone’s photos there will be a fee because I’m not going to spend my time for free.” Well then stop advertising regularly on the local buy/sell group page!