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Ugh, Sherry’s Photographing Memories… is a train wreck! Her digital backdrops photos hardly even make sense (tiger roaring while senior girl is calmly leaning her elbow on it’s head? I mean come on!) And her purposeful use of text speak makes no sense. Some of her writing indicates she is maybe not a native English-speaker but I can’t quite tell. Why is it that fauxtogs also seem to botch any attempt at graphic design? I mean, even before I took any gd-type classes in college I still had common sense as to what looked decent. One of the fauxtogs in my town went to college for gd and has a lot of her work posted on her photography page… it’s all an atrocity and I don’t know what professor could have passed her for that kind of work.

And yeah, agree that the baby in the pumpkin is extremely dangerous. That baby does not have muscle tone in his/her neck yet and that could potentially cause spinal damage! Where are the parents during these events?