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@FauxFighters… I looked at Angie Whitney’s work, and it looks like her more recent stuff she has improved greatly and has invested in better equipment. She’s not perfect, she has some things to work on, but the images are much stronger. Yes, those others are pretty horrible. If they are older photos, she should just remove them from her portfolio altogether. But the bottom line is that she improved. A fauxtog refuses to do anything to improve. Angie’s newer stuff could stand a little white balance adjustment and some exposure adjustments, but I think she’s really moving forward. Yeah, those couple bad ones from the recent work should have never made the cut. But while she maybe was a fauxtog before, I would not call her one at all now. Just a beginner.

, “Photography by J” clearly states they are not running a professional business and it is just a hobby. So it really doesn’t qualify as a faux. No the photos aren’t good, but they’re not advertising something they are not.