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I found a page i’d so share in a heartbeat. I’m not going to because i found it through my family being tagged in the pictures. The pictures were for my cousin’s memorial service. I went to the service and saw the photographer and in a bitter sweet thought, i hoped i got to see the pictures for the sake of seeing how good the photographer was. The service was very nice, it was a military  service because my cousin was in the army. I thought it was great they wanted to have it pictured, i had thought about taking my own pictures, i only took like one picture and that was of the family(and even that picture not being the greatest was better than this photographer’s)

Out of respect of my family and not wanting them to find out i shared the photographer or have them think that any comments related to the photography being about my family in the memorial pictures.

So once i saw the pictures online(very first thought was, i wonder if i’m int he background of any of them lol), my heart just sunk. the pictures were blurry, bad angles, bad editing, over exposed, even selective coloring….The daughter of the photographer commented on one of the pictures and said that she did a great job at it…in that picture, i couldn’t see where the focus int he picture was, like everything was blurry, the tree to the left side of the picture might of been in focus, but like none of the people were.
I remember watching her move around to take the pictures, looked like she had a good camera, but didn’t look like she had anything more than the one body and one lens with her.


Now for her other stuff.

Looking further into them, she’s done other family pictures of my family(this is extended family). But everything i said that was wrong with the memorial pictures, are what is wrong with  the rest of their pictures….

Makes me sad that my extended family has bad taste in photography….


Found her prices, i don’t even fully understand how she has it written out, but i did see this “All my prices are negotiable. Nothing is ever set in stone. I’m willing to work with each client towards what they envision within their budget! Contact me to schedule an appointment.”


Edit: aww crap….sounds like it’s a family member that took the pictures…. i still stand that it’s crap pictures, and my mom’s side of the family is so big that i don’t know even know the person who took the picture, but one of the family members i do know made a status on facebook about it being her grand daughter or something…