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Ok, my new fauxtog of the day.  This particular one I discovered when some friends and family had some photos taken by them.  I was so disgusted that I actually submitted these to YANAP, but they never got posted.  So I give to you, Angie Whitney Photography:


Focusing on your subject (or anything for that matter) is so unimportant these days:


Properly lighting your subject is also unimportant:


Overexposing the shot makes the subject so pale they appear to be the undead does not make them “look great” as one response said:


Glad that for this shot they couldn’t be bothered to move the huge branch in front of the kid, or the old board behind him with rusty nails sticking up:


Focus is so overrated:


And to show that I’m not just harping on her oldest shots, here is a shot from her latest set:


This banner should say “All Because Two People Fell for a Fauxtographer”.  It might say this or anything else. I can’t tell because its so out of focus: