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Mrs Woo, like you, I have a photography page – nobody knows about it and it’s not made public – that I created so I don’t clutter up my personal FB page and just as a “one day…” wish should I ever want to start business. Kind of a private portfolio repository while I learn. That said, the general definition around here seems to be if you’re charging people money and yet you are seriously subpar at the craft, you are a fauxtog. Nobody has, as far as I know, called someone like you or me (amateurs or unpaid enthusiasts) a fauxtog.

beg89, I agree with you on the new fauxtog FB pages; there’s another one that’s sprung up ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/You-Call-Yourself-a-Photographer ). And while I do use YANAP and similar sites to see what’s hot and what’s not (so to speak), I agree that if photos are to be shared and critiqued, then do so and not just with a “lol look at this ew” mentality. While a fauxtog might not care about the technical or artistic faux pas they are committing, amateurs like me and genuinely curious yet clueless clients might like to know the difference between good and awful.

I enjoy this thread, and I’ve learned a lot. More than anything to keep the ol’ shingle in the shed for a while yet. 😉

Going back to lurking.