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Don’t know how they would feel about sending your dad work, and ending up here.   Their top wedding package is $1200 and a lot of the skin on their page is over smoothed.  I can’t tell if you feel ISO 1600 was too high or too low for conditions, or if their gear could handle it.  Their web page suggests to me that they are fairly new.

Through the ’80s and ’90s telephone systems were being switched over from analogue gear to digital switching systems and a lot of peripheral functions were handled by personal computers.  I worked with lots of older field techs who understood basic telephony really well but had trouble with the personal computers.  Many were within a few years of retirement and had never used a PC.  Anything I asked them to do with the phone system would be done instantly.  For anything I asked them to do with the PC, they needed me to walk them through each step.

I think some older photographers might find themselves in similar circumstances.  They can set up the studio or assess the room they have to shoot in.  They can make their camera perform without thinking about it, even the digital ones.  When it comes to downloading the cards and editing in photoshop, they would rather send it out or use a darkroom.  I would still expect those folks to have nearly perfect poses, focus and exposure, for nearly every shot.  I just wouldn’t expect them to be happy with editing — though I know a lot of older guys (me included) who are delighted that everything has gone digital and completely embrace the technology.  I don’t miss winding out half a roll of film so I can change ISO, at all!