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^I agree, you have a “Photography” website or Facebook page, you are spending the time to promote your business and watermark your work, and value your time and talents to the extent that you place a dollar value on it, then you should be proud enough to accept criticism of it along with the praise.  You can never make anybody happy, but when a group of photographers all agree that your work is severely lacking, maybe you should re-evaluate your work and see what you can do to improve.  Believe me, this is not about jealousy!  I’m sure a lot of us on the site were taking crappy shots like those posted on this site when we started, but I personally never put any of these materials on a photography website and charged for them while representing to be the work of somebody who should be compensated for this work.  I understudied with a professional photographer after taking classes with him and worked pro bono for a year or more just to cut my teeth with a pro.  I didn’t go by Wal-Mart and pick up an entry model camera and kit lens and think I was the next Ansel Adams.