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Made it back in time to highlight another photographer.  This one isn’t as bad as some of the truly awful ones, but I’m more turned off by their shameless whoring and self-promotion for sub-par photos.  I present you “Ann Marie’s Photography”.


When I first found their page, I was shocked that they have only been online since April 1st of this year, yet they are at almost 2000 likes.  WTH?!?  I checked a couple of honest to God local pros who do this full time, and they were around the 2-3k on likes.  I immediately suspected like buying, until I started reading the page.  They are apparently obsessed with getting likes, and run a HUGE number of free promotions with crazy rules.  Most people require to you like the page and then post a comment under the contest.  These ladies take it to an extreme, requiring the contestant to farm likes from their friends to get them “votes” for the contest.  Basically whoever can get as many of their friends to like their comment wins.  After going through their page, it appears that they are constantly running giveaways and talking up their likes.  And these aren’t just family photo giveaways either.  Family photos, boudoir sessions, and the usual.  But the current ones is a free wedding shoot with 2 photographers!  No wonder they have so many likes.  Not sure how they are making any money with this setup though.  Perhaps they should not be getting paid after looking at their photographs.  So here they are in all their glory, with almost 2k fans!

Newest photo session for an expectant mother and her family.  Creepy overexposed photo of big sis:


We’re Expecting to not be able to read this sign:


Super flat and really soft with bad shadows.  Looks like something anybody in the seats could have taken:


Really soft, blown out, etc.


Glad that they focused on the lamp instead of the dress:


Blurry and a bad pose:


Super dark AND super blown out:


Horribly blown out:


They claim to have three people request wall prints made of this photo.  I am glad they did not bother to straighten the damn horizon:


What the shit is this?


Love the selective coloring that just disappears going down her leg:


One of the photographers herself, blown out to hell and back:


Wow, they actually posted fireworks shots that were being photographed handheld.  Blurry shit and they still took the time to watermark and post it:


This might be front page material.  Awful pose, awful magnolia leaves in the foreground obstructing the view of the subject, and subjects that are exposed terribly:


So yea, interesting case.  They have again put the cart before the horse.  They are marketing themselves and really pushing to get interest to their FB page (they don’t have a real website).  All this work focusing on likes and competitions when they should be spending their time focusing on their photography skills.  Learn how to take sharp photos.  Learn about lighting and realize that scheduling shots at 2 in the afternoon is not the best time to be doing outdoor photography.    And if you have to shoot outside, use shade and fill flash to even up the exposure.