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There’s a page that just was started this weekend on Facebook. They’re posting pretty much all the images linked in this forum. Already tons of backlash from clients and the photographers whose images are shared there. They have some good points, but the problem is the page admins say they’re not even photographers and therefore aren’t offering constructive criticism on anything. Most of the images go without the necessity of constructive criticism, but then they have a handful of decent images that they’ve picked apart for poor reasons. There was apparently one quite good photographer whose image of a newborn with birthmarks/skin defects was being bashed for not photoshopping out the marks, and she defended herself by saying the mother didn’t WANT them photoshopped out because it was just how her baby looked naturally! I checked out her page and she’s a well-known pro with over a thousand likes and is a member of the PPA and does free work for the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep campaign (photos of stillborns or sick infants etc.) and has some excellent work. So it’s one thing to point out the really ridiculous so-called photography but another to take an opinion of a photograph and knock the photographer for something the other poster knows nothing about.

Here’s the site. https://www.facebook.com/pages/You-Call-Yourself-a-Photographer/345145922267273

So, which one of you guys here made this page?