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This makes me shudder.


And this:


What is the point??  Actually, I think she’s trying to copy another photographer in her town that seems to dominate the industry there… only she’s not any good either.

It’s just a pity that all of these fauxs run around ruining it for everyone.  I don’t understand why so many fakes get so many likes and comments on their crap but perfectly good photographers get ignored.  I feel sorry for most of the subjects pictured in this thread!  I have a friend that’s stuck in the middle – I think she’s pretty good, not stellar, but good, yet she loses business to hacks.  And what’s really stupid is she’s had people come to her after the fact because they had a shoot with the main fauxtog in town and said they couldn’t afford the prints!  And the pics aren’t really good to begin with, maybe 1 out of every 20.  But people seem to either want the cheapest they can get and don’t value the work of the photographer or they think that by finding the most expensive one it’s some kind of status symbol.