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Capuchink, I understand where you are coming from on this one. When a baby is in danger you cannot just let it pass by, these pictures are obviously not composites and this baby looks incredibly young. If you see any more pictures like this do NOT hesitate to call child protective services. There is no reason, even to keep from looking jealous or uptight, to let someone continue to do this to children. Before this happens again, send the person a private message describing all the dangers that this baby  has been exposed to in this shot (nobody is supporting it, the pumpkin could have mold spores, the pumpkin could tip, the baby could fall out, just tell them everything) and that you advise them to never do anything like this again or you will have to report them (be descriptive about what they need to watch out for. they need someone supporting the baby or for the baby to be safely placed on a level surface. no breakable objects, etc). Document that message (take a screen shot once it has been sent) and take not of any replies. If they ignore you and you see any more images like that immediately document them (screen shots work fine) and contact child protective services and supply them with your documentation. It may sound like overkill, but trust me, you’d much rather sound like a nag today than find out a week later that they injured an infant.