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WCS-I take my 70-200/24-70 and 1dx just about everywhere I go. I don’t own any small pocket cameras aside from my phone–I can’t get the results I want from that. Doesn’t mean shit about being pro or amateur.. I’m constantly networking with new potential clients and as a niche–I do a few free photos for people. It’s effective. It’s hard to sell a product to a potential client using a camera phone.


They make plenty of portable softboxes that simply “pop out”, thereafter you simply Velcro the outer diffuser on.. Generally, an assistant will occupy the monopod attached to these. . There’s actually 3 things I like to utilize: a scrim (if it’s bright as fuck with minimal cloud coverage), a reflector, and a lightstick.

The “creative time” you have and the reception are where you can focus on using multiple speedlites–the rest of it, I’d suggest just taking a journalistic approach unless you absolutely know what you’re doing.. Prelighting the ceremony with hotlights is a choice–you just have to plan your scene. The point is, if you’re not 100% sure about strobist work, slap the speedlite in the hotshoe with a stofen or have an assistant shadow you with a softbox/umbrella with an ETTL enabled radio trigger (if it’s an option).

In my opinion: Weddings = Fast glass, good body, full frame sensor. Sometimes you just don’t have the option to blast people with flash.. Sometimes you can use hotlights, sometimes you have to use the light that’s available.. I did a wedding where a dude had epilepsy; absolutely NO flash was allowed (period) — he was a groomsman.. I didn’t know that until the day of.. Thank god for the 1.2L’s 🙂 Imagine having to do that with a f/4-5.6? Not possible.


Warren–You think anyone here actually believed you? You are a bit slow, aren’t you. Apparently, you don’t understand the concept of sarcasm. 🙂