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What web service is this that pays you for hits? Do you have advertisers? Hmm…

I’m so naiive, sure, because you were being serious about everything else and then throw in that you made 6 figures? It’s the internet dude. Sarcasm doesn’t easily come across. It’s certainly not impossible for one to make 6 figures on photography.

I’ve already stated that I don’t make a living on photography. I have a full-time job besides. I’ve thought of making photography a full-time thing but I don’t have enough overhead to really do that right now. In the future? Possibly.

Photographers aren’t your clients because they see you’re using consumer grade gear. Duh.

I don’t have personal issues. I don’t get jollies about talking crap about other photographers. I actually heavily support other good photographers in my area… I however like to laugh in disbelief that some of the shit posted on this website actually generates money for those people.

You remind me so much of Ricky Cain, that royal jackass who thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread with his fake HDR photos of garbage cans in his backyard and extremely underexposed and blurry photos due to his willingness to never change his ISO from 100 because the noise was unacceptable.

You may click on my screen name; I believe it’s a direct link to my Flickr stream.