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Ahhh! The wrinkled bedsheet backdrop! Yes those are definitely fauxtography images, except the couple walking by the Chinese-looking building in the background. Standing alone, that photograph is quite good. The second one, of the military couple’s wedding, probably would have been a decent shot if they hadn’t edited the bejeebuz out of it.

As far as having backup gear, I have two other bodies (they are crops though) and those darn kit lenses with me, and a prime lens, just in case something would happen… though, I am very protective of the gear I’m using at a shoot so it is highly unlikely something would break. I would like to get a few more lenses this year.

I’ve gotten some nice indoor wedding reception images with the Speedlite, though I know I could stand to take some lighting workshops since I primarily shoot outdoors with natural light and aid with reflectors and using shaded areas when needed.