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I’m not on a high horse. I know that there are a ton of photographers out there that bare way better than me and I even said this in my first post.

I will NOT however sit on my ass eating doughtnut sticks while talking crap about other photographers/people on the internet.

It is downright disgusting & rude to talk crap on others especially on the internet as it is hurtful and just plain ignorant and personally I could care less about what you think about me, my photos, my articles, my website, or my opinions.

Also kit lenses could be the 24-105L lens which costs almost $1,000 on it’s own so pretty much any lens could be labeled as a “kit lens”.

Having good lighting and the knowledge of how to use it will give you better photos than any lens is capable of on it’s own with a camera body and good PP technique.

The lens that you use is the second least important aspect of your photography right behind which body you use.

So I could care less about what the so called “professionals” on here think about my photos or my opinions as far as I could tell most people on here are just crap talkers that sit on their butts eating ding dongs.

The fact that I’m posting on a website called “yournotaphotographer” almost makes me sick.

I won’t be posting back on here again have fun talking crap on others.