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I’ll have to expand on this a little later, but I really think the backbiting for recommending professional grade equipment for a professional service is REALLY unprofessional on your part Warren. It’s one thing to defend your position but to say that no one could tell the difference between an L and your telephoto currently is outrageous. A customer without the knowledge of equipment? Sure, they won’t necessarily know the difference (or even care!) but another photographer would definitely see the difference. Especially if comparing a scene shot with both side by side.

I don’t care what equipment you use. Complaining about the cost of the high end, professional level equipment really annoys me and when people are like “I just can’t afford ______”. Guess what then, you can’t afford to invest in your business and that really puts a doubt in a client’s mind. Even if the images are great, it catches someone off guard and gives a poor impression to show up to a paid shoot with consumer level equipment. I know, I’ve done it…

I’m not trying to say you’re bad or you can’t continue doing what you’re doing… I just advise you to think about the impression you make. People are shallow, it’s not something they necessarily control at first. You can change their mind with great images, but it’s just one of those things to consider.


Also, don’t ever tell me to compare my 70-200 to a 55-250. I have both, and they are worlds different in quality. (<- that’s my angry moment)