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fotopoopie is the prime example of somehow that is only good at sitting on their lazyboy and talking trash on the internet.

He actually went on my website and tried to post spam on it as well saying that I have no idea about what I’m talking about and how my photos are trash…..I feel bad for the guy as I know for a fact that people that talk trash like that have personal issues and some people take those comments to heart (not me, I could care less if someone likes my photos or not I shoot photography because I enjoy it and love art).

I appreciate everyone’s comments on my photos, I’m still learning as I’ve only been photographing for a year and I believe you can always keep learning but I seemed to have pick up photography fast and enjoy learning/photoshoots.

Also for someone that likes to talk trash he seems to be fast to come to conclusions as if he read one of my most recent posts (if not my most recent) I mentioned that the lighting workshop is now free to all of those that attend as I like sharing my knowledge to other people and would like to meet other like minded photographers and network with them/become friends with them.

I also understand that my photographs might not be amazing (there are tons of photographers out there that are tons better than me) but even the best photos still have flaws in them and photography like all arts, is objective as there is no clean cut no wrong (for the most part at least).

It’s easy to sit back on a chair and talk trash on someones photos or articles as anyone can do that. I like those that actually go out and take photos/learn and have nice things to say as the last thing we need is more negativity.



Someone asked why I choose the 55-250 and the other kit lens over the 85 1.8 or 50 1.4 and it’s quite simple.

The reason why I love the 55-250 so much is because:

1. It’s extremely cheap for how good of a lens it is.

2. It produces a beautiful circular bokeh.

3. It is capable of narrow DOF.

4. It has a very wide focal range (80mm to 400mm 35mm equiv. I believe)

5. Since it has a wide focal range I am able to get whatever perspective that I want whereas with the prime lenses I was limited on the perspective, I can easily isolate my subject and get beautiful bokeh and despite what some might say, it is an extremely sharp lens.

6. Finally, it has 4 stop IS enabling me to use shutter speeds as low as 1/60 at the equivalent of 400mm on 35mm hand held which is quite amazing…..

However if I had the money I’d get the Canon 100-400L F4-5.6 IS USM + 5DmkII in a heart beat but for the money the kit lenses do the job just fine for me at the moment and I feel as through they are not holding me back. I just treat them as straight F5.6 lenses.  I prefer longer focal ranges and F5.6 is a nice starting point DOF wise on both lenses.

Someone also asked why I recommended the Yongnuo 560II and not the 560III.

The reason for that is because I have no experience with the 560III and can not comment on it’s quality as Yongnuo has a history of releasing a new flash and making revisions of it due to the first releases having problems with them not to mention even though the 560III has a built in transceiver, if the built in transceiver ever had a problem with it you would be screwed as the flash would work but not the transceiver whereas if you have separate transceivers and a transceiver goes on you, you can just switch another one on it and be good to go.

I will however, be picking up a 560III in the future though as the total cost of one is about $10 less than if you buy the transceiver separate not to mention I like the idea of having a transceiver built into the flash (as long as it does not fail).

All the best guys.