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Check this guy out! He love to write articles with bias and no factual information. Not to mention he can’t focus properly .

He has the balls to charge people for photography lessons!!!

I don’t think he is bad, his shots look well executed and well lit and as far as I can see the only blurry shot is the one he used to advertise his workshop. And let’s face it, $25 isn’t a whole lot for a workshop

His equipment thoughts are very weird though, I can’t for my life fathom why anyone who mainly does portraits would sell his 85mm 1.8 lens to get the canon 55-250. To me it would have made sense to buy a 50mm 1.4 if anything as the 85mm is a bit unwieldy on a crop. I don’t know why he is recommending the older yongnou flash either since the new model has a built in radio receiver rather than having to faff with an extra transceiver. I don’t understand his hard on for the kit lenses and I’m not sure he understands aperture and how it affects sharpness and shutter speed either