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IHF, I think that this thread is still great. Yes, there are some people who post those who don’t fit the bill for being featured here… but there are also a bunch who do.
The problem I have with new threads? They die quickly. If you want everyone starting new threads for everything, things will still get buried anyway.

I still see people asking if they’re a Faux, but perhaps a lot of people don’t because they’re afraid of the answer.
I honestly have no problem with this thread. I can filter out those who don’t belong and it opens up discussions about each individual posted. Sometimes it’s just “Oh GOD that’s bad!” from all of us, sometimes we really get into what could be improved or what they do right. I think people who just pop in here occassionally see the negatives, but that’s not how all of it is. But hey, you’ll see what you want, I guess.