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Well, like “impulse” responded, that he/she didn’t have to be an awesome photographer to be able to tell what was good and bad work, and therefore it wasn’t necessary to post their own work. But what do we have to base that off of? I mean, it’s like the girl who once told me “Hey I never took a photography class in my life but I take amazing photos so photography classes aren’t really necessary!” when in fact, her photography was terrible- out of focus, dark, random lighting issues, grainy, taken with a point-and-shoot, etc. If a person can offer constructive criticism and REASONS why something is good/bad, it shows other educated/knowledgeable individuals that they have something to back it up and their critique “holds water.” I know I’m not the world’s most perfect photographer or anything close to that, but I have a lot of knowledge and information I’ve learned to back up anything I say about another’s work. I don’t say “oh that photo just sucks!” or anything like that.

I agree too, some of the random bashing I think must come from friends (or aliases) of fauxtogs who have been called out somewhere on this site.