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I hope with Terry and her friends looking at this forum (they linked it in her comments) they don’t see the majority of us here as “losers.” Honestly, I feel like I have been pretty respectful, as have many others here. This is like a harsh critique site in a way. Some people come here accusing others of being fauxtographers without even offering up any of their work for review. There’s a huge spectrum between fauxtographer to decent photographer to good photographer to top-notch photographer. Most of us can clearly identify a true fauxtog.

The main difference or pattern I’ve noticed is that fauxtographers are in it for nothing but quick money. Charge little, edit not at all or some or with Piknik and provide a disk with 100 images of similar poses, that are blurry or with harsh lighting issues, less than a week turnaround, with 3-5 clients a week. Photographers actually care, and spend the time, we learn all we can, invest in gear because we KNOW the value it can provide, invest our minds in learning new techniques, and maybe we can’t support ourselves with photography.