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I don’t know, impulse, I looked again (since when I looked earlier it was on my cell phone screen). I’m seeing a lot of nice work. I think she could fix the exposure and white balance in a handful of the images, but they’re in focus, have pretty good poses (even looked at the album with the heavier couple- the poses were pretty flattering while that can be difficult). She in NO way belongs in the “fauxtographer” category. I honestly wasn’t seeing a bunch of Photoshop mistakes. If you have some to point out, I’d be happy to see out of curiosity’s sake.

I stumbled upon this one. At first I thought “wow, over 4,000 likes! Must be good!” Ugh, how do I have 250 likes and this person has over 4,000 now? I’m guessing she paid for likes. Her photos are awful, out-of-focus, and terribly over-edited. https://www.facebook.com/BellaVitaPhotography03?fref=ts