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I’ve been a little busy to post, but I have hit a couple of new ones that are goldmine lately.  First, I feel bad that I have some friends who I have previously done some photos for and they got married last month.  I was unable to shoot their wedding when asked, so I gave some suggestions of photogs to use and avoid to the mother-in-law.  She ended up going with a “friend” who shot it.  Here is her website.


I was out of town, so I had no clue they had picked her until after the wedding was over and the photos started showing up on FB.  Wow.  I thought it was just somebody in the audience and not the hired photographer.  I talked to my friends later on and they said that she was the photographer and charged $300 for her work.  They knew they were in trouble she pulled out one camera with a kit lens and pop-up flash for her whole kit.  She never changed up lenses, as is pretty obvious by the shots.  I felt really bad for them and wish I did not have the previous engagement already scheduled.