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That is the thing about “art” in general. It is a very subjective subject. If you took my best selling images and put them in a room and let a hundred people walk through you would have a hundred different opinions on the piece. One would buy it if they could afford it, had space for it and it fit their needs. One would absolutely hate it and would not be able to believe people pay good money for it and would probably post a link to it here. The other 98 would have varying positions in between the extremes.

The legs are actually pretty well thought out and well executed in my opinion. It is not my particular taste to go on my walls but I do actually see that as being marketable an someone likely will buy it. (If not more than one person.) I rarely call anyone doing “art” out as a faux for that reason so long as the image is well executed and not just a snapshot with lots of special effects done to try and suddenly make it art.