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Wow Kiwi! That quote from NicholeMennellPhotography is… just wow.

I have a HUGE pet peeve when it comes to people who cannot construct a readable sentence. I get that run on sentences happen online… but ones like that are nearly impossible to read! Have some respect for the people who have to read that nonsense, please!

The comments on there are nearly as bad as the quote itself. I’m all for achieving your dreams and rising above. Hell, if you’re a single mom at 18, life’s gotta be pretty damn hard. People must’ve been helping her out though if she could afford a camera with two littles at such a young age.
People having the nerve to say that “anyone can be qualified” is ridiculous. They must not know what “qualified” means. If they’re looking at it in terms of: “You can hold the camera the right direction and press a button right?”, absolutely, anyone can be qualified… but the whole thing just makes me roll my eyes and wish I could smack some sense into the droves of people who, for some crazy reason, are liking her damn page!

Think there’s something in the water?