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Oh geez, Alexandra… please avoid that guy. It’s seriously creepy that he’s asking for an image of you… That picture you took is really nice for a phone and hdr app. Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to capture something that you see in a quick moment. They wouldn’t let me take my camera into a concert the other night at Red Rocks (I would rant but I’m VERY opinionated about the whole “professional cameras not allowed at events” thing…) so I took a few with my phone in the built in HDR mode – it’s nice to be able to grab the memories regardless… buuuut please… that guy is walking probable cause. Seriously.


JLiu, I wasn’t aware that was a photoshop setting! <3 I really enjoyed that. I was cracking up and work and people were staring… Someone should make an action based off of Cain’s godawful “HDR” and call it that. I would smile.