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Caboodle,  I had to go hunting for your B&W phrase, the quote was: “No digital camera (that I know of) shoots black and white by default..

Ok, so apparently after further review — the Leica M shoots B&W .. I highly doubt however, he is affording one of those.”


Apparently we all see text differently.  I took that to mean that while the Leica M Monochrome only shoots B & W, all the other digital cameras by default (that is, right out of the box, before configuration changes) shoot colour.  I did not interpret it as “you can not get B&W out of a digital camera”.

I own a very old digital camera that does only colour.  The only button on the camera is the shutter release.


Regarding  ”no editing is worse than over editing.” :  No editing may not be worse than over editing but it may not be any better either.  Digital is not film.  I used to shoot slide film, and I shot several different brands because each had its own look.  By shooting slides, I could keep the lab from changing brightness, contrast, colour, etc.  They just developed the film, cut it up and mounted it.  No guessing about colour or how bright to make the print.  Film has its own limitations, we worked around them.  Digital has strengths and weaknesses too.  There is a filter over most sensors that removes or reduces moire patterns.  Some Leicas and Nikon’s D800e do not have the filter.  If you don’t edit, you don’t remove the effect of that filter, so there is no “getting it right” in your digital camera and being done with it.