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Mrs Woo

@caboodle – since in camera raw all data is recorded even if you have it ‘set’ to monochrome, I didn’t argue that point, because it could be argued those are settings being applied to the captured data, rather than actually recording in monochrome as you are saying.

I am also a minimal/never edit person.  I also agree that getting it right in camera is best.  Who wants to waste a ton of time editing?

I learned photography on a Pentax K1000 and was taught darkroom work by a retired wedding photographer.  I admit that I am saddened that (a) split screen focusing is after market and not available on all cameras – it is so frustrating to not be sure my focus is spot on, especially when doing macro work and (b) that I find myself taking additional images to be sure I got what I wanted.  I realize that digital capture has made me lazy (seriously lazy) – when you don’t have 24 exposures before you swap rolls and don’t have to consider what a waste it is to have an exposure be off you seem to get lazy.  More mindful photography is something I’m hoping for this year.

Strangely, I can’t be a ‘fauxtog’ since I don’t charge for my work.  You’re welcome to label me one if you would like to, though.  I got big shoulders.