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So this guy   https://www.facebook.com/X9Photography   I’m sure you would all remember if you have seen it.
Has decided to remove his page and I found out yesterday that he is starting up again as MS Photography (or something along those lines).

I’ll keep my eyes open and post a link to whatever endeavor he decides to go for this time.
He actually said to my friend, “I see you are promoting Tom’s FB page a lot, why don’t you do that for me?”
My friend just panicked and said she would do it in future. I said she should have just told him the truth about his work being a gigantic sack of man balls wrapped up in scrotum. The reason my friend promotes me is because people love my work and actually want to hire me, if only they would…

The guy has no job (our of choice I believe), and is living on benefits in a free house (supplied by the council). He has a young baby and is obviously desperate to make some money but is going about it completely the wrong way. He is one of those who seems to think that photography is just owning a camera and getting paid to take pictures instead of people doing it themselves.